The 3 Most Bad Ass Metallic Shoes in the World Right Now

With such a dramatic title I felt a lot of pressure making sure the content lives up to the hype. I’ve been scouring Farfetch (again) and stumbled upon what I deem to be three of the most bad ass metallic shoes ever.

These shoes are so hot, I had to share.

These Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are killing me. The shiny gold, the pointed toe, the stiletto heel. They are just truly incredible. I want, no need them in my wardrobe. They would go with everything and I would wear them all the time, I promise. Plus, at £395 they’re an absolute bargain, sort of.

Next up are these whimsical Rapunzel platforms from a woman after my own heart, Charlotte Olympia. With a hefty price tag of £1072.99, I won’t be purchasing these any time soon, or probably ever but just look at them. They have Rapunzel on them and everything.

OK, so this final Alexander McQueen pair aren’t straight up metallic, in fact the majority of them are black suede but, and this is a big but, the perspex heels and metallic gold toe truly rock. I have no other words but I’ll leave you with the price because they’re currently in the sale at £791.95. You’re welcome.

Did they live up to the hype? I’ve already added them to my basket…


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