I Have a Weakness for Sparkly Socks

I have many weaknesses; fugly shoes, leather, cake, vodka but the one that’s spiralling out of control at the moment is my love for a glittery sock.

I like to pair mine with ankle-grazing skinnies and brogues. On the rare occasion I fancy a heel, the socks compliment nicely, much to my mum’s disgust.

I have a few sock rules, you see it’s important that the sock be pulled up high enough that you can see the shimmer but rolled down enough so they don’t leave those indented lines on my ankles. Simple.

Word of this love has spread and I received a nice bundle of socks from my gorgeous cousin (lace frills and glitter, I mean hello) and my gorgeous mother-in-law-to-be (glitter and funky stripes). You see, they just get me.

I have a feeling this glitter sock love affair may last a while.


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