Want it on Wednesday: This Lavish Alice Stripe Cape Jumpsuit

I mean, please, this jumpsuit is killing it. It’s insane. It’s a striped, caped wonder of a jumpsuit and I dream of making it mine. If I dream hard enough I’m pretty sure it’ll happen.

I’m not sure what part of this killer outfit I love the most. Is it the chic stripes running from head to toe? The freakin’ badass cape? Or the wide leg kick flares? Honestly? It’s a toughie. This is the ultimate power suit and there is not a shoulder pad in site.

Bring me the cape and I will rule the world. Because this suit will make shit happen. Lavish Alice, you always do this to me. And I love you for it.

Join me at the checkout, I’ll be the one in the Stripe Cape Jumpsuit. Haaiii!


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