Want it on Wednesday: The Metallic Choker I’m Missing

If you read my blog regularly you will already know that I’m a magpie when it comes to jewellery. I like shiny things that instantly catch the eye. Pair that with my love of statement costume jewellery and we’re laughing.

Which I am doing right now over this Delta Two-Tone Choker from recently-launched womenswear site Finery London. It looks like something straight off a suit of arms and I kinda like that about it. It’s a gorgeous mix of silver and rose gold and adorned with decorative stones. It’s unusual and not something I’ve seen before, which makes me more even more determined to own it.

I don’t want to do the obvious and pair it with all black. Instead, I want to layer this with lots of lace, mixing the tough androgynous vibe with something more delicate.

I have a feeling Finery is a site I’m going to be visiting a lot more.


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