My Whistles Wishlist

For me, Whistles is the shop that I most look forward to visiting but rarely ever buy anything from. I dream of being the Whistles girl. Their clothing, shoes and accessories are dreamy and of the best quality, it’s just a shame that my budget doesn’t stretch to their prices, unless there’s a sale, it’s Christmas or my birthday. Luckily for me two of those things are coming up, so I’ve put together my Whistles wishlist.

1. Medium Clutch in pink and black, £55
2. Split Cuff Ring in gold, £30
3. Leather Double Wrap Bracelet, £30

I’ve been lusting over this clutch for a long time now. I love how each side is a different colour. I originally wanted this in gold and silver but having been in the shop for a gander, I know I’ve made the right choice here. I love how little and flat it is.

This Split Cuff Ring is a recent addition to their jewellery and upon trying it on, I fell in love. That’s all there is to that.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, the double wrap bracelet. You may or may not know this but I received a similar bracelet to the above last Christmas from the not-so-new boyf, which you can see here. I’ve worn it pretty much every day and it shows, it’s starting to look a little rough around the edges. What’s funny is that Whistles must have known as they’ve got a new range out for Christmas. My particular favourite is the metallic blue one, although what sucks is I couldn’t find a big enough picture to post above and it’s not for sale on the website – fear not, it is in store.

Put a fork in me, I’m done.


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