6 Best Sun Hats on the High Street

I have a countdown app on my phone which tells me exactly how long I have until I board my plane and jet off into the sun. I’m talking by the day, hour, minute and second. In the build up to that I’ve started picking up my holiday ‘essentials’. By essentials I mean bikinis, suncream and sunglasses. And while I now have 5 bikinis, 5 bottles of suncream and at least 5 pairs of sunglasses, I still don’t have a hat. And being the pale, freckled wonder that I am, I will burn.

So this was my chance to find the best sun hats out there and bung them together in a handy little edit. I’m kind like that.

Straw Floppy Hat with Thin Bow Trim, ASOS, £15


This hat is currently sitting in my ASOS saved items. I love everything about it. It’s woven, has a cute floppy brim, a nice little bow, it’s just too cute. I plan to be wearing this everyday on holiday.

Panama Hat, Warehouse, £5


I love a classic Panama hat and what makes this one stand out is the black woven straw. It gives it a rockier edge. Plus, for a fiver you can’t really go wrong.

Natural Whipstitch Straw Hat, Next, £20


I like how you can peep out from the giant, stripe-trimmed brim. This is the ultimate in poolside glam.

Straw Fedora Hat, ASOS, £15


What I like about this is the size of it. It has a generous brim which means extra shielding from the sun, especially as my forehead will easily burn.

Cut-Out Straw Hat, Topshop, £10


The black zig-zag pattern, the cut out and wide brim make this straw hat look super elegant. Although there’s not enough protection for my little scalp.

Stripe Floppy Hat, Warehouse, £10


A cute rounded top, all-over stripes and a wide brim with wire insert making it easy to style. This hat can take you from pool to town with a tweak of the brim.

Which would you choose?


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