Olivia Rubin Sample Sale…

By now you all know how I am slightly obsessed with all things Olivia Rubin (FYI I am already mocking up images of my head on her s/s 10 line) so I just had to share this with you…

Unfortunately I’m working so can’t go but please please please go along and let me know what you get….Jealous…


4 responses to “Olivia Rubin Sample Sale…”

  1. Avatar A. says:

    I lovvvvve sample sales, but they're BIG trouble on the wallet. Happy holidays!


  2. Avatar Julia says:

    I've always wanted to go to a smaple sale! Too bad you have work.


  3. Hey!

    I went to this!! She is Oh so lovely 😀

    I've just trawlled riight the way through your blog almost right to the beginning. It's addictive!

    I got the dress she is wearing in her profile picture on twitter. I Love it! Feels like you're wearing water, such beautiful fabric is it not?? See you have quite a selection 😀

    Hope you are well

    Madeleine x

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