I need dollars dollars, dollars are what I need…

So the sales have hit our shores and I for one am disappointed. I have found nothing that massively rocks my socks (which are currently gold and glittery).

If I wasn’t going on holiday there would be a one splurge I might have made. I’ve had my eye on these Louboutin Rozeppa 140 Suede Sandals for a while now. Originally priced at £575, a figure which makes me want to cry, they are now in the net-a-porter.com sale for a bargainous sum of £345.

I appreciate that is still a helluva lotta money but come on, just how AMAZE are these shoes.

They have the chunkiest heel known to man, black suede detail to cover my webbed toes (I’m not ashamed to admit this), plus they have ankle straps. Oh and of course the renowned red sole.
I need them in my life and for that I need me lots of dollars….Got any?

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  1. Avatar Leny G says:

    beautiful shoe

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