Me Time…

Tonight I’m doing my best Carrie Bradshaw impression. I’m at home in my undies catching up with blog. Not just any old undies may I add, no, these are a pastel pair of French knickers teamed with a cut-out Ibiza Rocks vest – a classic holiday memento.

I’m also currently painting my nails and have in fact managed to pluck my eyebrows. Who’d have thought it.

You see recently I have had no spare time. Work’s been crazy, then I went on holiday, then work’s been crazy again. I have also been spending every spare minute of my time with the new boyf. Well, he’s not really that new anymore seeing as we’ve just hit the seven month stage.

It feels strange typing about it on here, I’ve never really been known for talking about my feelings. The not-so-new boyf seems to have had this weird effect on me. These days I smile constantly, cry at anything remotely soppy and pour my heart out to anyone who’ll listen. It’s certainly a first. I’m even the one people come to for advice – a complete shocker.

I’m enjoying life to the full at the moment and although I’m pushing myself, I’m kind of liking it.

I don’t want to apologise for writing what seems like a diary entry but instead would urge others to. It’s quite cathartic.

Who am I? And what have I done with the real Jo?

Sorry for a big post of nothing-ness!!


4 responses to “Me Time…”

  1. Avatar RedHead says:

    Lol…'diary' entry hon. Glad you've been busy and happy.

  2. Avatar daisychain says:

    I love this post <3

  3. Avatar Jojo says:

    Hahahah. Thanks for picking up on my inability to self edit!

    Thanks you two, hope you're both well.

  4. Avatar Pink haired cousin says:

    Oh my gosh Jo, I actually just did a little cry reading that post. No one deserves happiness more than you. I love you so much and am over the moon for you xxxx

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