WIOW…Garish Shoes

My favourite hobby is shopping for obnoxiously garish shoes and now I’ve found some new ones. These tick all the crazy boxes. Leopard print (which I’m crushing on at the moment), canary yellow and a raffia black wedge. Yummy.

I found these KG by Kurtz Geiger Julius wedges a few weeks ago and declared them my ‘must have’ shoe. My work partner in content crime rolled her eyes skyward and silently shook her head. This only makes me want them more.

I have no idea what I’d wear them with but I know I want them.

They’ve also just hit the sale so I’d happily part with £89 for them.

What do you think? Garish or perfect?


3 responses to “WIOW…Garish Shoes”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    These are seriously incredible!

  2. Avatar Sof'ya says:

    They are interesting, but I wouldn't call them fantastic or nice.

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