Tim Van Steenbergen part 2!!

Ok so here’s some more shameless self indulgence…I just can’t help myself…

My fave has to be the jacket in the second picture. I like the way the use of extra material makes the jacket hang in folds. It actually reminds me of a waterfall with every fold just cascading down the frame. I also like the crazy way the charcoal shirt underneath buttons up with added top panels over the chest area.

I have this weird feeling at the moment where I am constantly thinking of ways I can wear mens clothing and get away with it. It’s got to the point where the boyfriend is actually surprised that I haven’t ‘borrowed’ his christmas coat that I’ve had my eye on for over a month! Little does he know I’m waiting to pounce on his double breasted, structured cardigan. Mwhahaha (that was my evil laugh, I know I’m slightly pathetic)


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