Tim Van Steenbergen part 2!!

Tim Van Steenbergen part 2!!

Ok so here’s some more shameless self indulgence…I just can’t help myself…

My fave has to be the jacket in the second picture. I like the way the use of extra material makes the jacket hang in folds. It actually reminds me of a waterfall with every fold just cascading down the frame. I also like the crazy way the charcoal shirt underneath buttons up with added top panels over the chest area.

I have this weird feeling at the moment where I am constantly thinking of ways I can wear mens clothing and get away with it. It’s got to the point where the boyfriend is actually surprised that I haven’t ‘borrowed’ his christmas coat that I’ve had my eye on for over a month! Little does he know I’m waiting to pounce on his double breasted, structured cardigan. Mwhahaha (that was my evil laugh, I know I’m slightly pathetic)


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