Tim Van Steenbergen

Note: Firstly I have to apologise for the boring title, it’s late and my brain has just stopped working…

Today I spent the afternoon googling (not sure if that’s an actual word or one I just made up) designers who had learnt their craft at the famous Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Now this search threw up a whole load of designers who got me excited about Spring/ Summer 09 but none quite as much as Tim Van Steenbergen.

He created his first collection in 2002 and designs clothes that highlight a pureness and female elegance. He says himself “Due to my belief in Artisanship, every garment is created by hand on the dummy to develop its characteristic shape. These traditional construction processes and unique draping techniques guarantee a high appreciated quality and an exclusive collection”.

His S/S 09 collection is a jumble of what seems to be every concept of design. It features underwear as outerwear in structured corset dresses, sharp tailoring in jackets as well as draped slinky cropped tops. All this in the brightest red, a light creamy brown and dark black and greys.

I’m sorry but I can’t help but indulge my new love with a fair few pictures……..

My personal favourite is the white dress above. It is everything I would want a summer dress to be. It is feminine and flirty but not overtly risque. It could be worn with a thin cardigan or jumper and still look mesmerising.

Each garment looks effortless yet you are aware that a lot of time and precision went into every single item. What I also like is that each piece could be worked into my wardrobe. He has created casual outfits such as the white draped jumpsuit above, structured dresses with extravagant detailing around the neckline which could be worn at night and a brilliant red leather jacket to add a little spice.

Tomorrow I may even indulge myself more and post the men’s collection…


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