Brick Wall Vs Milk Maid

Today, when getting dressed, I chose to channel a brick wall and a milk maid. It wasn’t intentional, the not-so-new boyf actually pulled this outfit out of my wardrobe. It was only when someone at work commented that I noticed.

The brick print tee is obviously an Olivia Rubin number and a complete favourite of mine. As for the skirt, I want to say it’s from River Island but I’m not so sure. Either way, it always reminds me of a milk maid. The blue and white strips, the nipped in waist, the full skirt, I just need my hair in plaits and a cow to milk.

Top, Olivia Rubin. Skirt, River Island. Sandals, Zara. Sunglasses, Fiorelli.

I’m still trying to wear as little as possible to beat the heat. I have to say the worst part is my train journey, my old rickety train has no air con. Massive sweat pit. That’s a lovely thought to end on.


One response to “Brick Wall Vs Milk Maid”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    I totally LOVE this outfit x