Victoria Beckham is My Workwear Hero

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the colder months. I like wrapping up in layer upon layer, oversize jumpers and thick woollen trousers, that’s my jam. Which is why Victoria Beckham and her Resort 2016 collection is my hero.

I have three words for you, red ribbon tweed. Just look at how beautifully cut the straight-legged trousers are, finishing just above the ankle. Look at the way the oversized coat hangs perfectly, just hitting the knee. If it’s good enough for VB to wear at the airport then it’s more than good enough for me.

There are sequins too, in the form of a fitted shirt or blazer, depending how you look at it. Pair the sequins with tailored black cigarette pants that again end at the ankles, and VB’s just spoiling me now.

As for my love of oversized jumpers, well, she’s obviously ticked that box.

Look at the voluminous sleeves and the way the heavy knit is tucked into that delicious cream asymmetrical skirt. This makes me very excited for autumn to roll round. I’m totally ready for it.

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