My New Swag: Smock Tops and Snake-Print Boots

Now that I have a wedding to save for, shopping for myself is completely off-limits and actually has been for a while – I wrote that last sentence with the kind of smug look on my face you’d like to wipe straight off. I had a little money left over at the end of last month so decided to treat myself to a *cough* couple *cough* of things.

Naturally out of the whopper of an order I placed on ASOS, I only actually liked one thing. It seems the new and improved frugal me only likes to keep items she knows she we will wear. Which just so happened to be this smock top. You might remember it from last week’s Want it on Wednesday post.


Seeing as I’ve now given up on my high-waisted skinnies (you can read more about that whole IBS-sized saga here) I had to wade through my wardrobe to find a pair of jeans which sat just nicely. Ta da, my trusty old grey denim.


This smock is beyond perfect for those crappy IBS days when your belly’s too big and bloated to allow you to button your jeans to the top. This smock takes away all of that worry and then some. You could probably fit at least 3 IBS-bloated bellies in here before anyone realised, it’s that generous and giving. Making it my kinda top.

I’ve never been one to shy away from oversized options and like how this completely covers all my problem areas. I also love how cute the frilly, little elasticated sleeves are. I’m just as likely to wear this to work as I am to pull it on with some shorts on holiday. And if I get a seat on the train due to a suspected baby on board, I don’t even care.


You may also have noticed the appearance of some rather snazzy pink, snake-print boots. Yep. You read that right. Pink. Snake. Print. Boots. Aka, the perfect transition into spring.

These sexy bad boys were an absolute bargain find, courtesy of Mrs Bow Retro, via Marks and Spencer. Which in honesty, is not normally where I look for shoes. However snagging these boots for only a tenner was an offer I couldn’t resist. It would have been rude. And for them to be the last pair and in my size, well, it had to be a sign from the shoe gods. And I don’t take things like that lightly.


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