Want it on Wednesday: The Return of the Slip-On Shoe

When I think of slip-on shoes I’m taken back to my teens and the days of wearing slip-on loafers, backless wallabies and those mesh-like slippers. Yep, I had it going on. However, I’m a sucker for ease and regularly refuse to untie my laces before painfully stuffing my feet in to one of my many pairs of brogues. Which technically means that these slip ons were in fact, made for lazy people like me.

I feel like I really need to see these on real feet before judging because I’m not 100% sold on the style. I’m not entirely sold on the nude/slightly beige colour either but it felt more summer appropriate than black.

Let’s be brutally honest here, these are fugly shoes and normally I’m all over fugly like a rash. Part of me wants a pair because of the ease, the fugly factor and because of the strange glances they’d get on the train. But then the other part of me wants to run away from them. I’m torn.

These slip ons have officially broken me.

You can find me in & Other Stories, stroking these Slip-On Flats, rocking myself on my heels in the corner, quietly sobbing. Didn’t expect that ending, did you.

I wanna hear your thoughts, would you wear these?


2 responses to “Want it on Wednesday: The Return of the Slip-On Shoe”

  1. Avatar Nat says:

    My thoughts on your want it Wed 🙂 these bad boys kind of remind me of wooden clogs that have been brought into the modem day. I’m not sold and have recently become accustomed to
    flats. I agree maybe a black patent pair would be a little more appealing on the eye.
    This is a fashion item I shan’t be splurging on.
    Looking forward to next weeks item 🙂
    X ?

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