My Month in Pictures: Family, Friends and Reminiscing

For me, November has been a month of reflection and family time. My family are without a doubt the most important people in my life. We’ve been dealt some fairly shit cards in the past and presently but always manage to bounce back stronger. I have a massive amount of respect for them all. On that slightly deep and meaningful note, let’s move on to my pictures…

The most amazing Pinko camo-print parka won in a competition.
New Topshop brogues that are so shiny they’re almost blinding.

  A roast chicken, sausage and winter veg mash up for lunch.
Girl crushing over Michelle Williams’s hair. I want it.
13 years ago I lost the most amazing man in the world and my hero, my grandad, Frank 2 Sugars.
Reminiscing over my scar and cut-throat Jo.

Getting in the Christmas spirit with festive sparkly red nails with a hint of silver.
Throw Back Thursday – Gorgeous Freddie Mercury and a witch at last year’s Halloween party.
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