Sunday Essentials

My original plans for today included buying and decorating our Christmas tree, however due to a number of dull reasons this didn’t happen. So, instead I spent my afternoon lazing around reading Tamara Mellon’s book, In My Shoes, and doing a bit of online Christmas shopping.

I’ve barely even moved from the sofa, where I’ve spent the day make up free and in my leopard onesie. Classy. Today these were my essentials…

I’ve nearly had this furry red Whistles purse a full year now, as the not-so-new boyf gave it to me last Christmas. I still absolutely love it. It’s just so beautiful and always gets me lots of compliments. It’s been essential today in ordering a couple of Christmas prezzies online.

I’ve been wanting to read this book from Tamara Mellon for a while now and had it on pre-order on Amazon. I am a Choo fan and wanted to find out more about the lady who made them into a global success. I’ve only just started this book but will keep you updated on my progress.

As any blogger knows, it’s essential to have your phone by your side so you can regularly check and update Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It drives the not-so-new boyf crazy but it’s a bad habit I just can’t break. The phone case is pretty new. I’ve been after one for a while now but hadn’t found one I liked. Having given up on looking I was contacted by caseable and asked if I’d like to create my own for my Iphone 4s. Hell yeah. I decided to personalise mine with one of my favourite pictures of my faourite person, Twiggy. To you this may look creepy but to me it’s perfect.

Right, back to Christmas shopping and winter Pimms sipping. Happy 1st December!

Iphone case courtesy of caseable


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