My New Drop-and-Roll Camo Parka

I have been on a winning streak lately. I found out a couple of weekends ago that I’d won a Pinko camo-print parka from Natalie Hartley Wears, I then found out this week that I’ve won a free monthly season ticket for my commute after tweeting a pic of a Movember train. Thinking I was on a roll I bought a lottery ticket but didn’t win a doddle. Here was me thinking luck came in three.

Anyway, the parka came and it’s conquered. The camo print makes me feel like I could drop-and-roll army style completely unnoticed at any time. That’s always handy.

With it’s sating finish, inky camo print, deep pockets (winner) and drawstring hood, this Scola Parka is just utter perfection. The inside has a detachable furry lining which makes it super cosy.

I kind of love how it kicks out at the waist.

There is no way I would have paid £780 for this myself, not that I’d ever have that amount of money to spend on a coat anyway, but I’m excited to make the most of it.

I will be wearing this bad boy a lot this Winter.


One response to “My New Drop-and-Roll Camo Parka”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    Woah, what an amazing coat! x