A Whole Lotta Fake Fur

I am a massive fan of any form of texture on my clothing. Whether it’s a bit of faux fur on a coat collar, a massive shearling gillet or a simple wool jumper, let’s just say I’m easily pleased and happy to be petted.

Dagmar, one of my favourite Swedish brands have pulled it out of the bag.

This Ylva fake fur vest, hits mid-shin, has leather side panels and according to them, is knitted from a unique yarn that resembles long sheep hair. Ohhh errrr missus. I would love to be wrapped in this.

At £795 it’s a definite investment, but just take a second to appreciate how cosy you’ll be when paired with a jumper dress, tights and a waist-cinching belt. Or, if you wanted to be a little on the racy side, you could wear it with nothing underneath – flasher mac style. But I didn’t really just suggest that…

I also had to sneak in this big fuzzy Yara fake fur jacket because let’s be honest here, what’s not to love about a shag jacket?

If I owned this beaut I would not be able to stop stroking myself. Get yours now from net-a-porter.com for £745.

That’s enough fake fur for one day…


One response to “A Whole Lotta Fake Fur”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    I would not be able to resist running up to anyone wearing that and giving them a HUGE cuddle! x