Want it on Wednesday: Crushing on Green Dresses

I’m massively crushing on green dresses at the moment. Me and green are definitely having a thing.

I’ve just taken delivery of a beautiful deep-green Gothic-inspired dress for my besties wedding which may well be ‘the one’. Family disclaimer: Family, if you’re reading this, I am still saving. It’s just one dress. Sue me. Anyway, that’s a whole other post.

Now back to today’s item that has me lusting after it. You may have guessed that it might be green, or you might be ignoring my ramblings and instead focusing on how god-damn sexy the dress I’m typing about is…

For me, this is perfection. Not only am I a sucker for a skater skirt (I wonder how many times I’ve typed that phrase recently), it’s green, it’s short and it has this incredibly sexy halter-style neck with a low-cut back.

Hello. This is basically everything I look for in a dress.

It’s from the brand, Cameo, who I don’t actually know very much about other than the fact they make beautiful stand out dresses.

It’s on the pricey side at £143 which makes me sigh a little, but this dress could be worn time and time again. If I hadn’t already got the dress that might be ‘the one’ for the wedding, I’d definitely consider this.

You can find it here.


One response to “Want it on Wednesday: Crushing on Green Dresses”

  1. Mm, I love Green and that dress is a total beaut xx