5 Reasons Jared Leto is a Total Babe

After seeing the amazingly-gorgeous Jared Leto owning the red carpet at the recent award shows, I’m even more in love with him.

I’ve tried to narrow it down to just five reasons of pure babe-ness, although I could probably go on for ever…

1. His God-like mane. No man wears long hair as well as this one. He has that just-rolled-out-of-bed look nailed. Add to that the fact that he can pull off ombre and a man bun. Need I say more?!

2. He has these piercing blue eyes that feel like they could penetrate your soul.

3. His full on facial hair situation. It’s a little wild and unruly which strangely makes me like it even more.

4. He works a bow tie like a pro and we should all applaud that.

5. He gave his last slice of pizza at the Oscars to his mum which had the ability to melt my heart.

Jared Leto. I love you.


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