Wedding Outfit Dilemma Update – I Think I’ve Found The One

I do feel like I might be dragging this whole wedding outfit dilemma out a bit, but I am genuinely struggling here. If you’ve been following this rather painful journey you’ll know that my first outfit, which I bought after getting you lot to vote on it’s appropriateness, looked a bit tacky. As for the second dress, well I loved it, but it didn’t love my small bust in return.

Finally, after many hours of online shopping, I think I may have found it. It’s a deep green gothic-cutaway dress from ASOS which I picked up in the sale.

It has a deep v neckline, little mesh sleeves and cut-out detailing with a mesh-covered pleated skirt. Now that’s a mouthful.

The skirt has to be my favourite part of this dress. It nips in at the waist and then just puffs out into layered swirling perfection.

On the day I’d keep it simple pairing it with these deep purple heels that I love, minimal jewellery and maybe a slim belt, just to break it up a little.

The only part I’m not entirely sure about is whether this flatters my figure. You see I have broad shoulders and very hippy hips, which I think this dress highlights.

Here’s where you come in. I want your votes on whether this is an absolute winner or whether I should continue in my search. Be honest. I won’t cry. Promise.

Should I wear this dress to my best friend’s wedding?


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