Help! I Think I’m a Whistles Addict

Every year my auntie buys me something from whistles for Christmas and this year was the turn of the coin purse. This also lead to my mum purchasing the most gorgeous dress I’ve EVER seen as a birthday and Christmas present. But today I’m not talking about them. Oh no. I’m talking about shoes. Because Whistles shoes are pretty darn sexy and I’m obsessed.

In my Whistles collection so far I have a tonne of jewellery, a card holder, a coin purse, two of their clutch bags and a beautiful silk shirt dress. No shoes. Until now.

I should start by saying that these aren’t just any shoes. These are pointy – a rarity for me – they have delicious suede straps that tie in a bow at the back of your ankle, and they have a chunky heel.

They’re comfortable, which is major for me, and I can walk in them. They’re also a delicious navy blue, which I don’t own in my ever-growing collection. They basically have super magical powers and I’m digging it. Whenever I finish lacing them up I find myself petting them. They put me in some kind of weird trance.

My mum likes to call these my CFM (*cough* come f**k me *cough*) shoes and while I would whole-heatedly agree, I didn’t feel completely comfortable using that as my title.

I’m definitely addicted to Whistles. Especially their little shop in Kingston where there’s one lady in particular whose name I wish I knew, is just the best saleswoman I’ve ever had the pleasure of shopping with. She always says the right thing and gets the sale.

Right now I have my eye on this Lace Shirt Dress. Because navy is my new obsession. Alongside shoes of course.


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