Olivia Palermo is Giving Me Major Hair Goals

Usually I love having short hair, it’s lighter, takes less maintenance and just suits me more. However, Olivia Palermo sitting FROW at New York Fashion Week has changed EVERYTHING.

First off, she always looks so impeccable which I find I’m completely incapable of ever looking. I’ve accepted that, I just don’t suit being neat. This all works well for me because straightening my hair requires too much time, as does ironing my clothes. However, OP (yup, we’re BFF’s so I can shorten her name) totally rocked a messy look which is achievable… If I had longer hair.

I totally need me a fishtail plait. And I need to find me some hair to make this happen.

Luckily my fashion-partner-in-crime already has this look committed to memory and said that she will find a way to recreate this on my short hair when we’re in Antigua, no matter what. And that’s why she’s a bridesmaid. She will make this happen.

Image credit: Stylist Magazine


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