Want it on Wednesday: To Smock or Not to Smock Dress

For days and days now I’ve been staring at this smock dress from The White Pepper.

I love that a smock can hide a multitude of sins, I love the deep oxblood colour and of course, I love that it has pockets. However, I’m torn. One on side I love everything about this dress but on the other, I have no idea if it will flatter me at all. I have broad shoulders, a short body, actual hips, actual thighs and short legs. It’s not ideal but we’ll all just have to make do.

So here’s the biggie, will the smock dress suit me?

At £55 is that a risk I can afford to take? (This is fairly dramatic really, I received money for my birthday so in theory, can afford the said dress but that would make this post rather dull. Stick with me kids.)

On that note, I’ll throw it over to you. To smock or not to smock? Answer below. Help is definitely needed.

Image courtesy of thewhitepepper.com


One response to “Want it on Wednesday: To Smock or Not to Smock Dress”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    Would it be biased of me to say BUY IT? x