It’s Not “Just” IBS

As I type this post I’ve just recovered from an unexpected and nasty bout of IBS. I’m talking about that gut-wrenching moment when you finish eating and know instantly that something is about to happen. Cue the sweats, nervousness, nausea, stomach cramps, grumbling noises from your gut and that feeling that tells you that there is going to be some bowel movements. Pleasant.

It was at this instance that I made my apologies and made a dash for it.

Honestly, there is no worse feeling than having to up and leave friends because you know your IBS has reared its ugly head. It’s always at those really inconvenient times.

By the time I’d got home, which was all of 10 minutes later, the second round of pain had started. I’m talking about that feeling of a knife being plunged into your gut and twisted round and round and round until you’re in tears, doubled over in pain. You can then look forward to being locked in your loo until the movements have passed. Again, pleasant.

But it’s not all over then. Oh no. The cramps, the gut-wrenching pains and the bloating last for what feels like forever. No amount of peppermint tea or cuddling a hot water bottle will help. You have to stretch it out and deal with it. I would say sleep it off but the next day for me is sometimes worse. I can take the bouts of pain but the next day I find IBS wipes me out completely.

Monday morning I woke up after nearly 9 hours sleep, still feeling like I could sleep 9 more. It’s draining, exhausting and my gut always feels empty and tired afterwards. This Monday it was so bad I worked from home, which luckily I’m ok to do. I needed matchsticks to keep my eyes open and could only master safe, boring food that wouldn’t hurt my gut any more.

In all honesty I’m getting tired of explaining IBS to people especially those who don’t get “it” and believe that it’s “just” IBS. I’m lucky in the fact that my family, work mates and majority of close friends, understand the severity of it and how it effects and controls a lot of my daily actions. What I do love is the IBS Twitter community who are super supportive. It’s nice knowing that you can talk to others who are dealing with the same symptoms as you. Which is why I’ll be continuing to post frequently on the topic, and helping The IBS Network raise awareness.

To start with I’ve just signed their petition to help recognise it’s not “just’ IBS. You can show your support here. Go do it.

Image courtesy of: @HollyRokitEast

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