4 Things That Are Cheaper Than My Monthly Train Ticket, Sort Of

Every month I hand over precisely £232 for the pleasure of getting the train to and from work each day. I’ve worked out exactly how I could spend that money if I didn’t have to give it to South West Trains. These are the four items I’ve got my eye on…

These Minna Parikka Tail Sneakers

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I’ve already declared my love for these sneakers before. It’s something about the cute floral print, the fluffy tail and of course, the bunny ears. This is the closest I’ll get to owning a rabbit.

Price: £110. Sod it, I’ll take two pairs.

This Liliana Dress from Self Portrait

I’d not heard of Self Portrait until last week’s Sunday Times Style where they featured a gorgeous red lace dress. I immediately checked them out and fell for this deep blue dress of my dreams. That full pleated skirt, those transparent lace trims, honeycomb mesh, that sharp collar, those raw lace cuffs. This dress is everything.

Price: £320. Technically this is more than one month’s train fare but so worth it.

This Flying Kenzo Tote

I imagine this lazer-cut tote will be swinging from the fingers of every fashion blogger in a matter of months but I’m not going to let that put me off. It’s bloody gorgeous, perfectly structured and ginormous to boot.

Price: £320. Again, I know I’m breaking the rules slightly but who cares when it looks this good.

Finally, this swanky Mid-Century Rocking Chair

I’ve always dreamt that one day I’d be the proud owner of a rocking chair. It has an air of grandeur about it I love.

Price: £350. Totally blown the budget here. What a shocker.

If only I could work from home for five months… Imagine me sitting in my bunny sneakers, delicate lace dress, with my tough Kenzo bag, casually chilling on my orange rocking chair, cocktail in hand…


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