Want it on Wednesday: Fluro Pink Cambridge Satchel

I’ve been searching for a summer bag for a while now. A few Fiorelli favourites have caught my eye and managed to sneak into my virtual shopping bag, but I’ve not actually committed to the purchase.

I’m suffering from a bad back at the moment and am doing myself no favours by carrying a whole heap of crap on a daily basis, putting all that weight onto one shoulder – usually the bad one. This narrows the selection down to bags that have a strap which sits nicely across the body.

Enter the Cambridge Satchel.

Now, my work wife carries one of these beauties in red and I know that you can fit an extreme amount of stuff inside, even though it doesn’t look that way.

I, of course, want a fluro pink one and I want it now.

My only issue is finding £105 to pay for it.

Does anyone know anywhere I can get this cheaper?


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