Want it on Wednesday: Would You Like a Flake with That?

Rainbow rims is not a phrase I can say I’ve ever typed in a blog post before but when it’s related to these out-of-this-world sunnies, it all seems ok.

My bestie Lis sent me a link to Spangled’s sunglasses line and I’ve been hooked ever since. Imagine pastel-coloured lenses clashing with brightly coloured frames, covered in rhinestones and topped with ice cream cones, dinosaurs, rainbows and strawberries. I feel like I’m stepping into my multi-coloured dreams.

My favourites have to be the blue frames, pink lenses, and cute ice cream cones, aka FLAKE WITH THAT? Rims. The irony of having ice creams adorning my sunglasses when I’m lactose intolerant isn’t lost on me.

And at £38 I’m adding them to my basket as we speak… Or rather, as I type…


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