My Little Black Diane von Furstenberg Bag

Trust me when I say this post has been a looooong time coming…

Way back in December I was lucky enough to save some birthday money and I had one thing in mind to spend it on. A bag. Not just any bag, I wanted an investment bag. The big daddy, the real deal. So we went to Bicester Village…

And this happened…

Bow-chica-wow-wa! Check out this bad boy or should I say beauty. Let me introduce you to the new (not technically new but whatever) love in my life, the Diane von Furstenberg Harper Connect.








I’ll admit, I went to Bicester Village on the recommendations of the fash-bestie who had just got her first Mulberry from the outlet there. She told me to go there with an open mind, to take a look around and that I’d know when I set eyes on the right one.

I always thought the right one would be a Mulberry but I just didn’t get that feeling with any of them, at least not with the ones that were in my price range. But then I went into DvF, twice in fact, and the rest is history.

I love everything about it. It’s structured, it has this tough gold hardware, it has a tassel (I love tassels), it has a short chain strap and a longer across-the-body one. It’s also made from the softest and finest leather I have ever smelt and felt.

It also has a special compartment at the back where you slip your iPad in front of a concealed panel which can be unzipped, so smart. Although, I’ve never really used it for that.

I can honestly say I’ve used this bag every day since I bought it in January. Cost-per-wear that must make it a good deal.

My only problem now is that I don’t know how I’ll go back to using any other bag… Trust me when I say that’s a problem.


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