Want it on Wednesday: Floral Print Jumpsuit

Boom. Kapow. Bam. These are the words that spring to mind when I see this bad-ass jumpsuit.

My lovely work feeder actually spotted this when we popped into Topshop the other week and said I should get it. I haven’t yet, but that’s not to say I won’t.

I really do love everything about it, mostly the incredible print. I love a good playsuit and like that the material looks strong enough to firstly, not be see-through especially in the sun, and secondly to hold its shape. I have another one in black jersey and it struggles with both.

I like that it has a vest top, which can be layered under a little blazer. I’m already imagining pairing this with the rest of my wardrobe… It’s £60, which might be why I haven’t fully committed to buying just yet.

If you fancy it, it’s all yours. Go get it.


One response to “Want it on Wednesday: Floral Print Jumpsuit”

  1. Avatar Work feeder says:

    I still think you should snap this up! It would look fab with your highlighter yellow bag.

    Go buy it, go but it now!