DKNY Straight Outta The Closet Den

Last Sunday morning saw
me nursing a hangover and looking like death – this is not an
exaggeration. Honestly, slapping on the make up could not even fix this
I had to drag my sorry little butt out of bed and into Camden’s Proud Galleries for The Closet Den’s pop up shop for a spot of shopping, all in the name of chariddddy.
The Closet Den raises money by selling pre-owned and donated goods with all money going through a charity called MyIsrael, which finds small charitable projects that directly help real people, and raises money for them. This year all money raised goes to The Forgotten People Fund project.

recruitment company Henry Fox sponsored the event and were the lovely
team who invited me along to join them in the scramble for new, well,
semi-new clothes.

I can only compare the inside
to that of a meat market. Imagine rails of clothes (Primark style ready
to be rumbled through) down the middle, surrounded by counters filled
with beauty products and accessories, narrowly topped off with booths
crammed with heels that I can only dream about. All you needed were a few
designer items, knock-down prices and a bundle of girls ready to splash
their cash. Enter us! 
I found some amazing
blue shoes fellow blogger, Man Repeller, had donated but
unfortunately they weren’t my size.

I did have one major success, this fall 11 DKNY dress. 
a little on the large side so definitely needs a belt to pull it all
together but it has the swoosh factor that I love. And the ability to cheer
you up with its bold colours, meaning I won’t go unnoticed. 
one thing I can’t work out is does this dress do me any favours? I’m
not sure but I do know I feel extremely feminine when I wear it. 
Swoooooooossssssh. There I go again. 

Thanks Henry Fox and thanks Sophie, above on the right.

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