Turquoise Nails

I’ll be honest, I would have liked this to be a post
showing off my amazing nail art skills but well, I just don’t have
any. It took enough skill for me to paint them in just two colours as I
have seriously shaky hands and a messy demeanour. Asking for anything
more detailed is just unheard of. 
These two colours have become my favourites recently, with me constantly returning to them again and again.
See what I mean by shabby?
think it has something to do with the deep creaminess of the turquoise
(Rimmel London 60 Seconds in Sky High) against my pale skin. It’s so rich in comparison to the
pale mint green (Rimmel London Lasting Finish in Misty Jade), that it shouldn’t work but does.
know everyone’s been painting their nails in different colours for
months and it’s an old trend but in my mind it’s a goody and one I will
keep working until I feel steady enough to reach for a black Models Own nail art pen and draw random squiggles or cupcakes like I saw today.
We’ll see how it goes…

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