New Arm Candy

So I scoured some major swag this Christmas and birthday and let’s be honest, It’d be rude not to share it.

My arms are now so full of bounty I can hardly lift them…

I’ll start with my left arm first. The watch is an oldie but a goodie from Michael Kors. My dad got this for me 6 years ago on my 21st birthday. It’s slightly battered now, with a couple of scratches on the glass and some water marks under the face from American water parks, but I can’t and won’t live without it. When it broke in America I flatly refused to look for a replacement, it means far too much to me. The big gold ring is a Christmas present from Whistles last year. I’m telling you, Whistles is beyond amazing for jewellery. I own a fair bit, as you’re about to read.

The right arm is adorned with my brand new Whistles cuff. This metallic blue number has replaced my fraying and tatty black cuff. Doesn’t it look sophisticated? It almost doesn’t suit my wrist. As for the rings, the cuff ring is Whistles and the selection of midi rings are from ASOS. I love how they’re a mix of gold, silver and a beautiful rose gold. Perfection.

I’m very lucky to have friends and family who know me well enough to know my jewellery taste. What beauties.

I’ve shown you mine now you can show me yours. Arm candy that is.


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