I have been waiting for these Emma Cook shoes to hit Toppers for a while now. In all their rubber soled, suede, fringed glory. Unfortunately they have done so at a time where I have no moolah whatsoever and am waiting for my first payday!

Why oh why is life so unfair???

Although I’m not sure which pair I would get. Am leaning towards the burgundy but could be swayed to the zebra print…can’t have both though at £165 a pop.

I’m also a little shocked that these are still available online….Espesh as her last shoe collection for Toppers sold out in minutes and have been seen everywhere and then on Ebay for hundreds..

If you do buy them though, please leave little old me a pair in size 5. That’s my one ask of you…..pretty please.


3 responses to “Killer…”

  1. Avatar esther says:

    oooh i hope you can get them! those are sweet….a good investment for sho. i vote burgundy!

  2. Avatar Julia says:

    So cute! Hopefully you'll get your paycheck before they're sold out. I like the burgundy best!

  3. Avatar prettyneons says:

    Hell do it get both!

    prettyneons X

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