It’s all about the shoulders…

I got this top a while ago but wasn’t sure how to wear it. The shoulders are huge which I love but I wasn’t really sure how to balance out my proportions….

…played it safe…chose black tights and black pencil skirt….

Only a short post, tough day at work which has completely worn me out….


5 responses to “It’s all about the shoulders…”

  1. Avatar Delmy says:

    Thats a great blouse. Love the shoulders.

  2. Avatar FabBlab says:

    You got the power-shoulders trend right, girly!
    Loving it.

  3. Avatar daisychain says:

    that is a seriously awesome top

  4. Avatar A. says:

    I adore this blouse! It's got enough volume to keep it interesting, but it's not too 80s. I also love those Topshop boots from the last post.

    Check out my blog if you have a chance 🙂


  5. Avatar prettyneons says:

    Hi oh wow you suit so many different styles you lucky thing yooooou.

    Have a great weekend (=
    prettyneons X

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