Christopher Kane for Toppers

When you say Christopher Kane the first image that pops into your head are the tees with the gorilla/chimp etc prints….

Kane is quickly making a huge name for himself which is further proved through his recent collab with Topshop. Obviously it’s been hyped up loads in the press and was predicted to sell out quicker than you could say ‘not another chimp tee’ so I was quite surprised when out shopping yesterday and having a quick browse online that there were still quite a few items left.

Now I really am a Christopher Kane fan but to be honest looking at the collection in the shops….and I hate to say this…but I was a little disappointed. I can’t quite explain why but I just didn’t feel particularly excited about anything and if I did have money on me I’m not sure I would have brought anything for the right reason.

The fact that I’m saying/typing this at all is quite depressing. I have to admit that I did like the crocodile print dress…..but predicted that this would end up on everyone which then makes me even more depressed…..

I’m unsure about this leather embellished body…I don’t think I have the guts to wear it…or maybe it’s the £75 price tag that I’m finding a bit off-putting…

On the up were the shoes in the collection. A nice mix of mesh, leather and rivets….heaven…


5 responses to “Christopher Kane for Toppers”

  1. yeah i agree with everything u say. the shoes are great, the dress is probably on everyone's wish list and the body is a bit tacky and pricy if u ask me.

  2. Avatar Michael says:

    Jojo the dress is a must!

    As for the bodysuit – think if paired with killer denim and sky-scraper bondage boots then it can work.

    much love -xxx-

  3. Avatar Ashleigh says:

    Love the top….but I wouldnt pay more than $40 for it..


  4. Avatar Jowy says:

    Christopher Kane freaking RULES!

    One Love,

  5. Avatar cheap viagra says:

    The "gorilla T-shirt" is really good , I would like to have one, I have never seen something similar, I think that the designer is so crazy, also the shoes are so cool, I think that my girlfriend will love them!!22DD

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