It’s BA-NA-NAS…..

Just a little quote from Rachel Zoe on her fave man Mr Marc Jacobs….I know I’m pretty slow on posting this but I always love looking at Marc Jacobs collections. He mixes a great blend of textures, colours, enthusiasm and fun to all of his creations and I love him. Simple.

Forgot to do a pre-post gush gush warning….here it all comes….

His namesake collection included lots of pastel colours, satins, underwear as outerwear, dusty pinks, midnight blues and ruffles. BUT the collection I was most excited about was the Marc by Marc Jacobs and I wasn’t disappointed….

Clashing prints and colours, big bows in hair, high waisted shorts, checks, scribble prints…I could go on but I shall let the clothes do the talking…..

I DIE!!!!!!

I could happily live in any of these outfits forever…I honestly want to be buried in Marc Jacobs please….
Here is the man himself..


7 responses to “It’s BA-NA-NAS…..”

  1. Avatar prettyneons says:

    Ekk! This is like heart stopping amazing stuff!
    And thank you so much for your comment over on my little blog I just read it.
    And I can't express how much its made my day, that's truly the kindest comment ever!!
    Its nice to know someone else can relate to my experience.

    You have a great Monday hun 😉

    prettyneons X

  2. Avatar daisychain says:

    so much better than his namesake collection

  3. Avatar ebbs. says:

    i love it so much . esp the bows in the hair & clashin prints !!!

    Check out my new design.
    Peace & Prosperity,

  4. Avatar havlitten says:

    Heh, and i wouldn't mind being buried WITH Marc Jacobs either ;-))

  5. Avatar Michael says:

    Loving on the bows! xxx

  6. Avatar Kat says:

    that collection is fantastic!

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