It Was a Nice Day for a White Wedding

After ordering around seven disappointing dresses, two near meltdowns and one very empty bank account, I finally attended my besties wedding last week. Don’t panic, I didn’t have to wear my birthday suit.

Oh no. This baby came just in time and it was love at first sight.

First off, I have to say just how much I love the bright, bold green colour on this ASOS dress. It’s incredible. I think it became even more luminous at night. Also, because of the texture I spent the whole day being stroked.

Secondly, it fit me perfectly and was super comfortable. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I have a slim waist and then some hippy hips. I also hate anything bodycon, so a dress that hugs me up top, skims the hips and then flares out to a midi skirt is just dreamy.

I teamed it with a little cropped cream blazer, Whistles clutch and borrowed the blingy necklace, belt and shoes from my bestie, aka the bride.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. There were tears, lots of eating, lots of drinking and then we partied hard.

I should also point out that the handsome man to my right is Al. That’s right, the not-so-boyf is real and looking very, very handsome in his suit.


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