WIOW… I Spy A Tiger

Scarily, August is practically over and you can definitely feel it in the air. My house is freezing.

I always look forward to the start of September and shopping for warmer clothes. This year I’m imagining myself in chunky knits, thick tights and jewel coloured trousers, preferably in velvet form.

When scrolling through ASOS, looking for a birthday present for the not-so-new boyfriend, I stumbled across this jumper…

Sons of Heroes Tiger Knit Jumper, £105

 I know printed jumpers with some kind of animal on the front are going to be seen everywhere, but this tiger printed one from Sons of Heroes, just looks so good.

I’m already mentally pairing it with my green trousers, or my pink bubble skirt. Although, at £105, it’s very, very expensive.

One can always dream…


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