Purple Errrything

For some reason my title immediately makes me think of Quality Street, which is odd because the purple ones aren’t even my favourites. Who would pick them over the strawberry creams, I mean honestly. Anyway, today’s post is a homage to all things purple, mainly my brand-spanking new dress.

A couple of weekends ago I went sale shopping with mum, which is a routine of ours after my birthday and the new year. For possibly the first time ever, which is bad I know, I ventured into Cos on the hunt for the perfect white shirt. I want to up my basics game and a white shirt is something that’s missing from my wardrobe. Instead of a white shirt, I found this purple dress.

Dress, Cos | Hat, M&S | Necklaces, ASOS | Brogues, Bertie | Watch, Michael Kors | Bangle, Oliver Bonas

It completely had me at hello. It’s a simple jumper swing dress, made from a flattering fabric that hugs the boobs and then gently falls a few inches above the knee. It has cute sleeves that finish just above the wrist and is in the most amazing deep purple. It’s a colour that doesn’t feature that heavily in my wardrobe so as soon as I pulled it on, I knew I had to have it. I’m now hooked on Cos, which could be an expensive habit.

My trusty floppy hat seemed the only option to pair with this dress. It had to be all purple or nothing, and to be honest my hair wasn’t looking so fresh so this provided the perfect cover up.

After placing myself on a shopping ban for the better half of last year, I was like a wild woman running between shops, and of course didn’t stop at just one dress. Hell no, I also picked up these shiny brogue-like babies. They’re so shiny I can even see my face in them. Who wouldn’t want that!

Have you been sale shopping? Picked up any bargains you’d care to share below?


4 responses to “Purple Errrything”

  1. Avatar laura says:

    I have a bit of a crush on those shoes! I haven't really picked up any bargains this year, other than a coat in Primark for a tenner reduced from £25. I'm too skint to let myself go wild!

  2. Avatar Sammy Scott says:

    LOVE this outfit!