Want it on Wednesday: More Loungewear Please

I am all about loungewear right now. Honestly, if I’m not in my pyjamas, I’m probably not happy.

As soon as I get in from work I put my pyjamas on. If I have no plans at the weekend, I’ll wear them all day. I’m all about the comfort. Especially as I have a new Topshop floral pair which are the absolute business.

Loungewear was created for people like me. People who don’t like their clothes to be restrictive, who like fluidity and comfort but still like to look fairly decent. I mean I always brush my hair. I’m not a complete slob, at least not all the time.

This is why, when I received an email showcasing Rebecca Minkoff’s resort collection, in particular these Burdine Pants, I was sold. They have movement, are a loser fit but still look tailored and flattering, especially in the black and white stripe. I want them. And I want them now. Even though I don’t have a resort to wear them to.

Come to think about it, I’d quite like those shoes too…


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