New Jewels

I am a massive lover of costume jewellery. The bigger, the more spangly and colourful, the better. I like my jewels to make a statement. Like my neck is shouting “why hello there, check out my bejewelled self. I’m so shiny and beautifully decorated.” Or something.

I was completely spoilt for my birthday last month and these three new jewels made their way into my life and haven’t stopped hanging off my neck and wrist since. The beautiful bangle, which came from my absolute favourite shop Oliver Bonas, and the necklace at the top of the picture, all deep purples and blues, were both gifts from the two lovely ladies I work with. They are both absolutely perfect and add a bit of sparkle to a wintry outfit. I haven’t yet removed the bangle FYI.

As for the necklace on a rope, well, I’m in love. My cousin hit the jackpot here. I have a weird obsession with jewellery made out of twisted rope after ordering my old ex-work wife to make me some knotted arm candy after seeing some in the shops that I couldn’t afford. It’s just beautiful. It’s the perfect length and just hangs in the middle of my sternum. I think it also nicely detracts from the small-boob situation I have going on.

Funnily enough I’ve just ordered a beautiful three-tiered trinket holder that these jewels will look right at home in.

It’s safe to say you’ll be seeing these jewels a lot more. And I’m not even sorry.


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