Mudeford Quay + My Faves = A Weekend of Dreams

My favourite childhood memories involve crab fishing at Mudeford Quay, breakfasts in the Noisy Lobster at Avon Beach and summer caravan stays at Hoburne Naish in Christchurch. This weekend, I got to relive all of that with the addition of Al and our besties, and it was pure bliss.


When crab fishing becomes competitive

I didn’t take millions of photos like I normally would, instead we gossiped, laughed, ate, drank, watched films, ate some more, chilled and drank some more.


When at Mudeford Quay, one must eat cockles


The day I caught crabs…


Wounded Al in action

It was bloody brilliant. We lazed, we went crab fishing which got competitive very quickly, we snuggled up in our chalet and watched film after film. We just enjoyed each other’s company. It was a relief to be separated from my phone and not constantly checking Twitter for updates. I came back feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready for the week ahead.


Me and my bestie


The always beautiful Avon Beach

Thanks Al, Chez and Chris (look how I avoided all nicknames!) for a blissful weekend.


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