13 Things That Made My February Special

So much good stuff happened in February that I noted it all down to reflect on.

1. I filmed a brutally honest video with Sam Jones, aka my IBS partner-in-crime for Symprove. We talked all things IBS, from our symptoms to ways we’ve found relief. Keep your eyes peeled for that…

2. One of my besties welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world and I couldn’t be more proud.

3. I got sent some gorgeous flowers from my extended Symprove family. Flowers instantly lift my mood and are guaranteed a smile.

4. I went wedding inspiration shopping with my mum and had a day packed full of Instagram perfection.

5. And got a first draft of our order of service back. I was so in love with it that I cried!

6. I’m helping project manage a big gig at work with Sanj, my champion, and even though we’ve had to jump a couple of hurdles we’re going for it and remaining positive.

7. I’ve had snuggles with nearly all the babies in my life and lots of precious family time.

8. I’ve nailed my bridesmaid dresses.

9. And found a tonne of wedding holiday clothes I need to invest in. Imagine a kaftan covered with pom poms…

10. The Low-FODMAP diet has been keeping my IBS in check and is the best it’s ever been. I imagine this is what it’s like to feel “normal”.

11. I ordered one of Girl Stole London’s titty tees in a bid to help her out while she undergoes treatment for breast cancer. Cancer has cruelly taken some of my beloved family members and I would do anything to help.

12. I shook my tush all night to the sound of Samba for a friend’s birthday. And got to wear a red floral number which I paired with fringed mules and my leopard-print coat.

13. I got all misty-eyed while looking through two of my besties wedding photos in Thailand. It also made me even more excited for my own.

I wanna know your Feb highlights so drop ’em below.


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  1. Avatar Sanj says:

    This is the best. Remember that those hurdles aren’t just bumps in the road… they *are* the road. No easy shortcut but we’ll get to our destination shortly. X

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