Want it on Wednesday: The Most Badass Gold Glitter Boots

House of Holland Thunder Boots

I am a glitter freak. As soon as something shiny, sparkly or sequin-covered catches my eye, that’s it, I’ve been sucked in. And there’s no coming back.

It happened with these boots. You see I was doing some “research” for an upcoming roundup of the best winter ankle boots, when I stumbled across these beauties. It happened entirely by accident but was probably destined by fate.

ASOS knew, even before I did, that these House of Holland Thunder Gold Glitter Boots and I, belong together.

They also know how happy my red glitter Dorothy boots make me and my fellow work colleagues. My shoes at work have become the thing I’m known for, what with all the glitter, pom poms and 3D appliqué flowers.

So really, not only would I be making myself extremely happy with this purchase but I’d be making my team, my family and fellow commuters happy too.

After all, who wouldn’t smile when faced with these obnoxious gold glitter boots? The black lightening bolt is simply an added bonus.

Once again, ASOS you never fail to bankrupt me and House of Holland you never fail to seduce my magpie tendencies. For that, I will forever regard you both as dear friends.


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  1. I wish I could un-see this post! xx

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