11 Things That Made June Special

As we get closer and closer to the wedding, the months seem to fly by in a blur of family time, wedmin and barbecues. Not that I’m complaining…

1. I finally got my hands on these sequin-covered slides.

2. Catching up with all my besties for fish and chips, boozy barbecues and baby cuddles.

3. Tidying our garden and enjoying watching our flowers in full bloom.

4. Sunbathing and reading a rom com, on my new wooden bistro set on my patio.

5. Picking up my wedding ring and feeling a rush of excitement at the prospect of being a Mrs.

6. Plenty of family barbecues and playing with my honorary nephews at every chance.

7. Spending a lunch break wandering around Green Park in all its sunlit glory.

8. Having a curry and turning our wedding order of service into fans with my mum and Mick.

9. Spending Father’s Day with my dad, my little bro and his cute little boy.

10. Getting enormous butterflies while having my first wedding dress fitting.

11. Taking time off work to sort wedding bits, get back into blogging and just having some much-needed time out.

And then suddenly it was July.


2 responses to “11 Things That Made June Special”

  1. Avatar Hanh says:

    So excited to read about your upcoming wedding Jo, I saw a sneak peak of your invites on twitter and they look lovely! I was just wondering if you have a videographer booked for your wedding? xx

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Hey Hanh, I’m so excited!!! I don’t know, I’ve got a photographer. I’m going to film snippets of the whole holiday on my GoPro. X

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