I’m Going to Be a Coates But Do I Change the Blog Name?

Realisation has kicked in that in 7 months time, I’ll be a Coates. Mrs Coates to you.

Shit. I’m actually doing it. It’s actually happening.

What it has got me questioning is my blog name. This little space on the internet that I’ve carved out as mine has been known as Jo’s Clothes for 8 years now. But while it started as a place to share the stories from my overstuffed wardrobe, a lot’s changed over the years. Fashion is a small part of the content I create. I overshare about my gut health, I update you on my wedding, I ramble on about my anxiety, write love letters to sequin Converse… It’s so much more than clothes. So should I change it? And if so, to what?

Al has been championing a name change for yonks. He suggested Jo Coates. Which, at first, scared the living life out of me. Committing to paper is one thing but having my soon-to-be surname as my blog name too, that was too far.

I told my office about the possible name change. They agreed. They even suggested making Jo Coates a dedicated space to pour love over the 13 coats I have hanging in my wardrobe. That one was a step too far.

The more I get used to the fact that I’m stepping into a new role as a Coates, the more I like it. Admittedly, when one of my besties got me this personalised notebook for my birthday, despite loving it, I was petrified. Now I’m excited. It marks the start of a wonderful new chapter.

Here’s where you come in. I need your opinion. Do I make the move from Jo’s Clothes to Jo Coates? Drop me a comment and let me know.


3 responses to “I’m Going to Be a Coates But Do I Change the Blog Name?”

  1. Avatar lucyloopysos says:

    Go for it, after all it is the next chapter. x