A Love Letter To… My Sequin Converse

A Love Letter To… My Sequin Converse

I’m starting a new series where I write #ALoveLetterTo whatever is filling my phone, heart or mind at that current moment. Today’s has a touch of sparkle about it but then that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Dear Sequin Converse,

I knew I wanted you as soon as I set eyes on you. There was an instant attraction that drew me to you, your seductive sparkle enticing me over.

I didn’t hesitate to pick you up, taking you off your pedestal and embracing you in my arms. It was love. We both felt it.

Your sequins winked at me under the bright lights of the shops. Your similarities to a mermaid’s tail made me sport a grin that spanned from ear to ear. In that moment I felt pure joy.

We spent a couple of minutes alone, savouring each other’s company before my mum joined us and she whispered that magical question. “Would you like these for Christmas?”

She knew. She understood the need for us to be together and for you to never leave my feet. She knew that with each step, I would remember that moment of meeting you and forever smile like a Cheshire cat. For that, my inner Magpie and 5-year-old self is extremely grateful.

I promise to wear you whenever I need to spread some cheer.

Forever yours,

Jojo x


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